We're not blowing smoke when we tell you blowing smoke is becoming a sort of game.

Yup, 'vaping' -- the art of making the biggest cloud with a vaporizer -- is growing in popularity. It's also called 'cloud chasing,' which sounds equally cool and may be mistaken for the art of hunting for tornadoes.

While you may think you just need an e-cigarette, you're actually wrong. Competitors inhale vapor mods "that burn vegetable glycerol and liquid nicotin," which makes it sound insanely dangerous.

Vaping reportedly began about two years on the West Coast, but, like 'The Tonight Show' it has made its way east for others to enjoy and proves you don't need to be in the most remote kind of good shape to call yourself an athlete anymore.

We'd love to attend one of these events just so we can say the winner ran smoke rings around the competition.