Stressed because your boss is on your back about covers on your TPS reports? Dreading another endless, soul-sucking sales meeting? Make the day more tolerable with a FlaskTie.

The undercover way to quench your mid-day thirst, the FlaskTie looks like ordinary, everyday neckwear, but inside it's hiding a secret: a refillable TieBladder that safely holds 6 ounces of your favorite beverage. Just fill it, tuck it, and use the self-sealing bite valve to grab a sip on the go, at your desk, while Norm from Accounting interrogates you about your expense reports, or while forwarding that video link of the Dragon Baby.

Not just for adult beverages, it's also perfect for soft drinks and water when you're too busy to get up and grab a drink. Or don't want to look like just another Plastic Cup Guy. Get one in your favorite team colors, and it's the stealthy way to avoid paying outrageous prices for stadium beer.

Casual Friday? We don't think so. Every day just became a tie-wearing day.