A new relationship is like exploring in the dark: each new step is exciting, kind of scary, and best traversed with slow caution and open eyes, so no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, no one told this lady that, and people got hurt. Like, physically. 

Now, keep in mind that what we're about to tell you about happened in Florida, and it's been a little tense down there, what with the zombie invasions. Still, it seems like 35-year-old Jillian of Delray Beach could use a big ol' dose of chill pill: After going on a first date with 39-year-old Efren Molina, Martone reportedly punched him in the face, threatened him with a kitchen knife, and smashed his apartment window. Why? Because after dinner, drinks, and 'a few hours' at Molina's apartment in Boca, Martone called herself Molina's girlfriend, and he disagreed.

Police say that 'Martone became enraged,' and attacked Molina after he asked her to leave his apartment. Luckily, Molina's roommate intervened just in time to wrestle a knife from her loving, girlfriend-y hands. When Police arrived, Martone was still outside of the apartment, crying next to the pair of rocks she had used to smash the windows.

Clearly there was some mental imbalance in play here, but hold it together, Martone --you're making us normal girls look bad.