The Dallas Police Department is busy. The capable, dedicated men and women of the blue never rest on their quest to protect the ninth largest US city's 1.2 million people from murderers, thieves and errantly thrown bananas and pineapples. Wait. What?

A fully integrated, modern police department, the Dallas PD monitors and participates in social media to inform citizens and use technology to help solve crimes. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter profiles are all linked off the Dallas PD's website. These social media platforms are managed via mobile devices, like an iPhone; some of which are also used to play mobile games, obviously.

On Monday, the child of one of the department's staff delegated to social media profile management was playing 'Fruit Ninja' on an iPhone, sliced up some serious fruit salad and tweeted the score out to the Dallas PD's 13,000-plus followers. At least that's the story, though it's also possible that one of the Dallas PD's staff just threw some poor kid under the bus to cover his fruit ninja addiction.

The incident has been re-tweeted nearly 10,000 times on Twitter since it happened. While the department may be slightly embarrassed by the iPhone security breach, it could have been so much worse. Just think if the kid was old enough to be looking at adult sites?

To be fair, fruit can be pretty hazardous. You never know when you might need a real-life fruit ninja, and so we're kind of glad to know that the PD is on the case: