'Game of Thrones' is the television hit that keeps on hitting. Despite a little hiccup in the HBOGo streaming service last Sunday, over six and a half million people watched 'Game of Thrones' premiere for its third season. This was Easter Sunday, which is notoriously bad for ratings, and 'Game of Thrones' was going head-to-head with another huge genre show, 'The Walking Dead'.

With those kind of ratings against that kind of adversity, it should come as no surprise that 'Game of Thrones' has been renewed for a fourth season. The show has been laid out to take eight season to cover the five books already released in George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. Everything has been on pace, and the show just continues to grow in vastness as well as viewership.

The third season has begun by finishing the second book, and beginning the third, "A Storm of Swords". The story is only going to become more brutal and unforgiving as this season tears on, and I expect this will only lead to increased popularity. With each passing week Game of Thrones becomes an even bigger phenomena, and there's nothing that can stop it, not even this week's premier of 'Mad Men's' sixth season.

A rumor which has my mind racing with possibilities has hit the Internets. It seems HBO is considering working on a prequel series to spin-off from 'Game of Thrones.' Just when I thought television couldn't get any better, they might just give us to complete series of Westerosi storytelling. The production costs for 'Game of Thrones' is already monumental and record-breaking, so it says a lot about how well the show is doing, if HBO wants to throw even more money on top of the pile.

Time will tell if the prequel series ever gets off the ground, but it's a bit of news to get jacked about, even if it is only in rumor stages.