We've heard disk drives make noise before, but never eight at the same time, in perfect harmony, singing the theme to HBO's sex-and-swords drama, 'Game of Thrones'.

Some guy who's either a musical prodigy or someone with way, way, way too much free time on his hands rounded up some drives and programmed them to hum the song, via the magic of Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).

Here's the performance:

There's something transcendent in hearing the drives get their groove on in such a manner. Like, maybe after artificial intelligence becomes self-aware and rids the planet of us pesky humans, the world won't be all about boring computations and binary logic. Maybe, just maybe, the Cylons will be able to appreciate the fine arts, allowing the human spirit to live on in the form of wacky computer shop octets.

Or maybe not.

Treasure this moment now, because it's only a matter of time until imitators drive this sort of thing into the ground, just like those angry Hitler videos.