Remember Carly Foulkes?…No? Do you remember the hot girl in the T-Mobile ads who always wears pink? Yes, her; same girl. So, Carly Foulkes is switching from wearing all pink to wearing all black as a way for T-Mobile to show it is a forward-focused wireless company with 4G speeds that…Sorry, even we got bored with the ad jargon. Did we mention that Carly Foulkes is wearing a skin-tight, black LEATHER BODYSUIT in the new ads?

See for yourself:

So, this ad means:

A: The T-Mobile network is as fast as a really fast street bike? Is that good? That doesn't seem good.

B: The hot girl in the T-Mobile ads has a lot of pink dresses. Would you get sick of all that pink? (Hey now!)

C. The hot girl in the T-Mobile ads has lost her mind and decided to become Bridget Moynahan in 'I, Robot.'

Well, we don't know what the point of the new T-Mobile ad campaign is other than that if video of Carly Foulkes undressing was shown in T-Mobile stores, we would buy a cell phone made by Playskool…Hello!…Hello!

[Via Wired]