Call off the search, and delete your profile. We found the perfect woman for you. She's young, busty, only eats cheese fries and can't find a boyfriend.

Meet Abi Stroud. The 18-year-old UK girl has what she calls Selective Eating Disorder — something Americans might call "being a picky eater." Her disorder causes Stroud to eat only chips and cheese — cheese fries in American parlance.

Each week, Stroud downs three blocks of cheddar cheese, three bags of fries and some white bread. We're pretty sure all that cheese may eventually give her 'Can't Poop Disorder,' once science has caught up to the dreaded disease and given it a proper name.

Stroud claims that her picky eating habits have made it impossible to find love and keep a relationship. We think the UK needs more opportunistic guys and French fry stands.

Stroud has tried to eat other foods, but she suffers panic attacks at the thought of eating vegetables and says the sight of a banana being peeled makes her gag.

Hmmm. Maybe she's not so perfect for you after all.