The odd vodka flavor craze continues to change the spirit's reputation as a clear, flavorless and odorless liquor. After orange-, bubble gum- and bacon-flavored vodka, the liquor industry had to reach a bit to come up with a new flavor.

They did. Glazed Donut Vodka is here.

Glazed Donut Vodka seems especially designed for those of us who work in challenging office environments. You know, like those made famous by 'Office Space,' 'The Office' and your office. Just slip a shot of Glazed Donut Vodka into your coffee and you can drink a Krispy Kreme Martini without any of your co-workers knowing your secret. Just don't make it a whole dozen.

The Glazed Donut Vodka is made by 360 Vodka, the same company who brought you Cola Vodka, Double Chocolate Vodka and more. (A warning though: turn the sound down on the 360 Vodka website, or you may find yourself sprinting to the bathroom.)

Sure, Glazed Donut Vodka might seem very sweet, but there have to be some other liquors — say, Bailey's or Chambord — it can pair well with in a breakfast martini. Let's just hope that 360 Vodka and other manufacturers are done with this fascination of odd vodka flavors. We fear we're not too far from seeing Head Cheese Vodka or Foie Gras Vodka, and we don't need that.