If you've ever driven past a silver bullet Airstream trailer on the road and dreamed of living inside of one, here's your chance to do it for a night; all you need is plane fare to Cape Town.

Last night in a conversation with someone who hates their apartment, I suggested that they buy an airstream trailer, rather than look for a better place. Due to my complete lack of conversational poker face, I promptly revealed that this suggestion had a primarily selfish motive: I have dreamed of owning an Airstream since the first time I saw one on in an overgrown field in West Virginia, and mistook it for a crashed spaceship.The Airstream is a classic symbol of Americana, and that's pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

While googling, I came across the Airstream Penthouse Park, a rooftop "luxury trailer park" which sits on the roof of Cape Town, South Africa's historic Grand Daddy Hotel.


The seven Airstream trailers in the park were shipped from America and transferred to the roof by crane. The hotel was careful to renovate the trailers to reflect the mid-century history of the trailers, and the results are seven capsules of awesomeness and luxury, designed by local artists. The roof also features a bar and lounge area.

My two favorite trailers:

Afro-Funk, designed by Carla Soudien

The trailer’s earthy colors set the tone for an African experience – minus the wildlife.

Carla was inspired by the street fashion of Cape Town, which is represented in her careful attention to texture.

Afro-Funk is chic, streamlined, comfortable and proudly South African.

Earthcote Moontides Airstream, designed by Susan Woodley and Brigitte Dewberry

Freeworld’s Earthcote Paints collaborated with the Grand Daddy on the Airstream Rooftop Trailer Park project, supplying edgy coatings and working in close association with project developer Jody Aufrichtig and his team of artists.

“This is kind of like a place where love and magic collide, giving visitors a subliminal feeling of the strands and layers that connect us,” says Brigitte.

Check their site for a look at all seven trailers, and for booking information.