You've seen 'Goat Boy' on Saturday Night Live, but it appears there's a real life Goat Man roaming a mountain in Utah.

Personnel from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources say they are currently investigating some photographs that were recently posted to a photo sharing site, which seem to indicate there could be a stark raving madman roaming around Ben Lomond Peak dressed like a mountain goat. Our guess? He listened to Adam Sandler's 'Talking Goat' skit (explicit language) one too many times.

While officials say that a herd of mountain goats do in fact wander the rugged terrain of Ben Lomond, most of them, at least to the best of their knowledge, are real, and they have little idea why someone would actually dress up like a furry, white mountain goat and spend their time fraternizing with a bunch of wild animals.

“I have never heard of anyone wearing a goat suit,” says DWR Conservation Outreach Manager Phil Douglas. “We have seen wildlife photo hoaxes before. So the very first thing I usually do when I get these kind of reports, I want to talk to the photographer - I want to find out who took the picture.”

Yet, Douglas does not have any idea who took the picture, but his department is trying to locate them.

Although there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal about masquerading as a mountain goat, DWR officials say that doing so can be very dangerous because real mountain goats are very territorial and have horns that they can use to seriously injure someone – not to mention what could happen if one of those suckers decided to mount you during mating season.

Officials also add that they are concerned for the “Goatman” because hunting season is coming up and it might be hard for hunters to tell the difference between a real goat and a costume.

Rumor is the next stop for Goat Man is the big Ragu Festival followed by a ride on the rollercoaster. Just don't tell the Old Man.