The word "drama" gets a bad rap. Lots of single people will say that they "hate drama" and want to steer clear of it; I make every effort to steer clear of those people. While I'm certainly not a fan of unpleasant life events, there are some kinds of drama that are pretty great.

I've always been someone who "feels things" more than other people, according to my parents. If Twitter had existed during my childhood, my trending hashtag most certainly would have been #StopBeingDramaticJacqueline.

When I was 6, I wanted a stuffed golden retriever puppy dog from my favorite toy store in Soho called The Enchanted Forest. In an attempt to not spoil me, my dad denied my pleas and said that "maybe I would get one for Christmas." What happened next is kind of a blur, but I'm pretty sure I was eventually carried out of the store on my father's shoulders, sobbing as if someone had murdered a golden retriever puppy in front of me. When I did eventually receive the puppy for Christmas, I wrapped my arms around it's fuzzy neck and ran to my dad, crying the other kind of tears. "I wonder if this is the one with my tears on it," I choked out. 24 years later, I still remember the way it felt; as if my heart had swelled inside of my chest and was pressing on the inside of my ribcage: full and grateful.

It's okay to be dramatic. After all, the capacity for great joy is yoked to the capacity for great sadness, that's just the way it works. While I certainly do not like being hurt, I wouldn't trade my oversized, pulsing heart for anything. My favorite part of who I am is my capacity to love, be it places, things, moments, or people. People are the most fun obviously, because...Well because of sex. Here are some examples of good vs. bad drama:

Bad Drama

Lifetime Movie Drama
(Lifetime movies in general)
Baby Mama Drama
xX No MoRe DrAmA Xx
Girl Fight Drama
Drama Kids
Obama Drama
Jealous Drama
Alcohol-Fueled Drama
People Who Prounounce it "Duh-RAH-Muh!!!"
Self-Centered Drama
Drama For the Sake of Drama
Saving the Drama For Your Mama
Not Saving the Drama For Your Mama

Good Drama

Cinematic Date Drama
Heart Flutter Drama
Dramatic Scenery
Grand Gestures of Affection Drama
Any Drama on the TNT Network (They "know" drama, or something)
Dramatic Changes (the positive ones, duh)
Dramatic Realizations
Dramatic Re-enactments

Best drama:

Good drama is awesome, just like Mary J Blige. I don't see the point in being "level-headed" about life; on my deathbed I will not wish that I had made more reasonable choices, I will wish that I had done more of the things I wanted to do. I could never be happy with someone who didn't think that way, because they would constantly be telling me to calm down, which I hate.

About a week ago I went on an OKCupid date. I was tired and kind of wanted to bail, but I had been pretty elusive with this  dude and thought it might be my last shot to not look like a flake. What happened? Mind your own business, but I love this story, and I'm so glad I get to be a character in it.

The other night while talking about this very idea, he said that "some people have a stronger handshake," when it comes to love. When we met, we were both casually dating several other people, without a whole lot of enthusiasm. It was fun, but no one was blowing our minds, and we were both pretty okay with existing at a low volume for the time being. In fact, I had just recently written an article explaining that all I wanted to do was have casual sexual relationships with people. Before we met, he read it and shared it with several friends, saying "someone else feels the way I do!" Then we met. Okay, so things change sometimes. I hereby officially renege. What can I say? I love a good drama.

Love who you wanna love y'all, and be dramatic about it, it's fun.