Most of us will never be able to afford the naming rights to a library, hospital or stadium but who needs such showiness when you can have a bathroom named after you for a whole lot less?

Colleges and universities around the country have named restroom stalls -- and even walls -- after alumni and benefactors in exchange for generous donations to the schools.

It's funny enough if your last name is Smith or Jones, but the best-named restroom in the history of ever has to be the Falik Men’s Room at Harvard Law School. (Sound it out -- it's pronounced just like it's spelled.) Seems William Falik, a 1971 graduate of the revered Ivy League institution of higher learning, donated $100,000 to his alma mater and was rewarded with a new loo named in his honor.

Better still, Mr. Falik has an awesome sense of humor (he'd have to with a name like that) because the whole thing was his idea -- and Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was in on the joke too, because as the then-dean of Harvard Law, she had to sign off on it.

But why should Harvard have all the fun? A Falik Men’s Room at the UC Berkeley School of Law, where Falik now teaches, is in the works as well.

If we knew this was an option, we wouldn't have written our website name in Sharpie in every restroom within twenty miles of the office.

[Via Time]