We think about sex approximately every twenty seconds. Sure, a lot of women think that makes us pigs, but let's face it-- we're pigs. It's not like we can help it either, and sometimes we've just gotta get some. That becomes impossible when we're at work in the middle of the day and Jessica from Accounting isn't available for a bathroom quickie. A dude in Zimbabwe understands this issue, so he came up with a clever way to deal with it. Mind sex.

Clifford Mavete was at a bus station when he got extra horny. So what's a guy to do when his junk is begging for attention and there's a lovely lady standing right in front of him? Have mind sex with her, obviously. Actually, it's called 'mubobobo'-- a form of black magic in which a man can get down and dirty with a woman... without her knowing.

The 27-year-old got really into the whole experience, and witnesses claim the guy was "sweating and exhibiting an expression synonymous with that of a person engaging in sex." What's even better is that the woman actually felt weird things going on down south. Unfortunately, Mavete chose a crowded terminal to engage in fake nookie, so his sweating and gyrating got him arrested.

This whole voodoo thing sounds really awesome, but it also seems like way too much effort just to take care of horny urges. For now we'll just stick to taking care of the ol' baloney pony in the bathroom and leave the black magic to dudes in Zimbabwe.