Add another name to the checklist of idiots who reside in America. Ihor Stetkewycz of Warren, Michigan, just made a lot of enemies.

The story starts with another man, Jeff Brown, noticing Ihor illegally dumping large parts of trees all over the road from his flat bed truck. After confronting him, grabbing his license plate number and calling the police, nothing was done. Therefore, Jeff decided to call the local Channel 7 news, who had no problem trying to interview Ihor. Just a warning, he's also a downright misogynist as well as a couple of other names we can't necessarily say.

During the interview, Ihor cut off the female reporter multiple times, rudely we might add, and answered with a rather offensive tone. When asked about being yelled at he answered, "It must have been a woman and I don't listen to women yelling. I tell 'em to shut up!" He then went on to call himself 'Mr. Clean Up,' for cleaning up the streets. He claims to be a saint of sorts, helping out people of all types: black people, white people, old people... even people from Mars. "Yeah, that's where I'm from, Mars," he says.

Today we learned even Mars has jerks.