When it comes to this whole "life" thing, women have got it made. Think about it-- they can earn a few bucks offering roadside stripteases, and people go crazy hootin' and hollerin' over that stuff. As guys, we're stuck with our junk and don't have any lady bits to bear, so sometimes we've gotta get a little creative when it comes to bringing home the bacon.

In Britain, one guy has come up with a weirdly creative way to rake in substantial earnings; Christian Drummond is making a living playing trivia games. Ok, so it doesn't involve naked time, but the whole concept is still pretty cool. Basically, the gamer has been to over 10,000 bars, casinos and other gambling venues to scrounge up any money he can, which has amounted to winning about $90,000 a year. Drummond has even managed to pay for "his college degree, wedding and vacations abroad" with these earnings.

So how the hell does one person earn so much from playing a gambling game? The dude sometimes spends up to 10 hours at one spot. So his quality of life probably sucks, but at least he makes some decent bucks.