Working in a hospital, you see some pretty gory things. Blood and broken bones are par for the course -- but a guy who's had a "ring-shaped object" around his junk for 36 hours is something else entirely.

An apparently adventurous 69-year-old UK man presented himself to a local hospital with said object firmly in place, and told the staff he'd been trying to get the damned thing off for almost two days.

Surgeons called the fire department, and after the man signed a waiver excusing anyone from liability if his manhood wound up on the floor, rescue workers used a "precision cutting tool" to finally free him. The whole procedure took about an hour, after which the no-doubt relieved dude spent the night in the hospital before being released the next day.

Some of the firefighters were understandably so upset by what they witnessed that they were offered counseling to deal with the trauma. The department spokesman wished the man a "speedy recovery."

We wish him loose underwear and many painkillers.