Tai Star had a dream, a dream of stacking over 3000 coins on one dime. So he gathered up a whole bunch of change and did it. God Bless America. 

Why? Uh...bragging rights? Perhaps boredom or a hatred of one dime? We're not really sure why, exactly, but this video documenting his fifth (and only successful) attempt makes for some fascinating viewing. It thankfully cuts down seven hours of effort into about five minutes along with all his mistakes and wobbles along the way.

The entire trick involves $150 worth of quarters, $50 worth of dimes, $60 in nickels, and $17 in pennies. That's $277 total. You know you could buy an XBox for that right Tai? Much more fun. They even have this new game where you've got to stack coins. It rules.

[Via Geekologie]