Hasan Minhaj‘s life is like a rap video--cigars, expensive cars, and explosions. At least that‘s how its depicted on the cover of his new comedy album, 'Leaning On Expensive Cars and Getting Paid To Do It'. When he is faking the good life, Hasan plays the role of Seth on the ABC Family comedy 'State of Georgia.'

Hasan sat down with GuySpeed to talk about how to look important, crucial items for a guy and Facebook pics.

GuySpeed: How does a person know if they have the ability to fake their own importance?

Hasan Minhaj: I'm not sure if every person has the ability to fake their own importance, but I can say without a doubt, every celebrity in Hollywood has the ability to fake their own importance.

GuySpeed:The most important item a man should own to make it seem like he is more important than he really is would be a ___________ ? Why?

Hasan Minhaj: A really gaudy watch. I've seen a lot of guys wearing watches with enormous bezels on them--I don't know if the guy is terribly near sighted and has trouble telling the time, or if he's trying to land a mini helicopter on his wrist.

GuySpeed: Is it better to ask the owner of an expensive ride if you can take a picture next to his car or just do it when he isn't around?

Hasan Minhaj: I try to do neither considering the fact that most Indian/Middle Eastern guys have cornered the 'leaning on random mid level luxury cars' market.

GuySpeed: How often should a man wear a tuxedo?

Hasan Minhaj: Three occasions: If you're James Bond, going to your high school prom, or your album photo shoot.

GuySpeed: Women. What the hell is their deal?

Hasan Minhaj: Who knows? Remember that scene in 'Back to the Future II' where Doc Brown tells Marty he's going to destroy the Time Machine so he can move on to the greatest mystery of all (women)? Whatever happened with that research?

GuySpeed: The best way to deal with people that don't like you is...

Hasan Minhaj: Just do what I do, go upstairs and yell, "Stop it Mom!" at the top of your lungs.

GuySpeed: How can a guy pull off always looking awesome on Facebook? What should he avoid?

Hasan Minhaj: Post pictures of dogs, philanthropy work, or chocolate desserts. I've found that that speaks volumes to the opposite gender. Avoid posting shirtless bathroom mirror pictures as much as possible. The infamous MySpace pic is played.

GuySpeed: What's the first thing a guy should do should he miraculously one day become filthy rich?

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