There’s a lot to watch, play, read and stream out there. Some of it is good, and some of it is bad. Every week, pop culture junkie Mike Moody will help you navigate through the week’s glut of entertainment and pop culture offerings with ‘Check It or Chuck It’: A list of five things to enjoy and five things to avoid for the week.

‘Hatfields & McCoys,' ‘Piranha 3DD’ and the new TBS comedy ‘Men at Work’ are just some of the things to “check” and “chuck” this week.

Hatfields & McCoys

This star-studded History Channel miniseries offers everything we love about classic Westerns – soot, suspense, and backwoods shoot ‘em ups. Kevin Costner stars as Devil Anse Hatfield, the cunning and ruthless leader of the Hatfield family who leads a tragic, blood-soaked feud against Bill Paxton’s Randall McCoy and his God-fearing clan. The project promises plenty of post-Civil War frontier action plus feature-worthy production values and a deep and nuanced examination of the historic characters’ deadly power struggle.

Piranha 3DD

Skirting nuance and austerity at every turn, the sequel to 2010’s ‘Piranha 3D’ attempts to outdo the gloriously trashy original with more blood, more boobs, and a campier cast, including David Hasselhoff (as himself, naturally) and Garey Busey. The uterus gnawing fun starts Friday, June 1 at an art house near you.

Goon on DVD

Sean William Scott stars as a misfit bruiser who becomes a pro hockey player in this clever and crass comedy that plays like a darker, filthier version of classic sports comedies like ‘Slap Shot’ and ‘Major League.’ Movieline’s Stephanie Zacharek calls it “Crude, violent and deeply enjoyable.” Sounds like our kind of flick.

Adrien Brody Basically Playing Snoop Dogg in 'High School’

In what seems like his biggest attempt to make the phrase “Oscar Winner Adrien Brody” sound like a joke, Brody plays a twitchy, fish-eyed drug dealer who is prone to hallucinations and has a penchant for cornrows in this buddy stoner comedy, opening Friday in theaters. If you don’t watch the film, at least check out Brody buggin’ out in the movie’s trailer.

Cougar Town Season Finale

Those who have ignored ‘Scrubs’ creator Bill Lawrence’s ABC sitcom for various reasons – the regrettably jokey name, the female-centric premise, the fact that it stars the corpse of Courteney Cox – are missing out on what’s become one of TV’s sharpest, strangest and funniest half hours this side of ‘Community.’ Catch the ‘Cougar Town’ Season Three finale on Tuesday for what’s sure to be a clever uber meta-episode before the show moves to TBS for Season Four.

David Hasselhoff Whining About The Avengers

The former ‘Baywatch’ bodyguard and ‘Knight Rider’ P.I. will never be as cool as the badasses he's played on the small screen. Case in point: In a recent interview, David Hasselhoff comes off like a dimwitted whiner while complaining about not landing the role of Nick Fury in Marvel’s ‘The Avengers,’ (Hasselhoff played the role in a notoriously terrible 1998 TV movie).  The Hoff shared his evil plan to infiltrate the Marvel Movie Universe: “I had a blast playing Nick Fury,” Hasselhoff said, “And if it ever came back and Nick Fury has a brother — Dick Fury? — I’d be there.” Please. God. No.

The Bachelorette

Look, we know a lot of you are forced to sit through this cock punch of a show every week to please your significant other, but you’ll want (Need!) to make up an excuse to get away from your TV to escape tonight’s aggressively offensive episode, which features a concert by country music’s favorite chipmunk, Luke Bryan (Shudder).


Tom Sizemore limps back to the big screen in a lazy race-baiting comedy that most critics find juvenile and dull (while the rest are just ignoring it). We’re surprised this one didn’t go straight to DVD.

Men at Work

The latest in a recent spate of limp, uninspired sitcoms about dudes and their sex lives, TBS’s ‘Men at Work,’ airing Thursdays, offers lazy and unfunny jokes and more proof that Danny Masterson is only tolerable while wearing a pair of ELO-style shades and standing near Mila Kunis. Not funny. Not cool.

Twilight and American Idol Stars Sing Together

We love ‘Twilight’ actress Nikki Reed ... when she’s posing on the red carpet or vamping it up as a sexy undead hottie in the 'Twilight' movies. We don’t really want to see or listen to her duet with her husband, former ‘American Idol’ contestant Paul McDonald, in a new web video that seems to be popping up FRAKKIN’ EVERYWHERE! (Stupid celeb-obsessed Internet.)