No one likes a long commute. But now, with high-powered electric skate boards (longboards) set to hit the market, commuting just might be the best, and most radical part of your day.

A company in Palo Alto, California, named Boosted Boards, is designing and building some extremely kick-ass electric vehicles that are light, environmentally friendly, efficient, and tons of fun to ride. Even though the boards are still in the prototype stage, they look very impressive. An eclectically powered longboard, which weighs anywhere between 12-15 pounds, has a range of six miles on one single charge and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. These bad boys can even do hills and steep grades with ease.

If that wasn’t cool enough, the boards make use of a regenerative braking system that allows the rider to recharge the battery every time pressure is applied to the breaks. Forward motion and acceleration are handled by a small remote that the rider wears on his or her thumb. The overall concept is one of simplicity and ease of use, even if there are some pretty high tech components that go into the actual manufacture of the board.

The company Loaded Boards is working with Boosted Boards to design the best longboards around. While the first of these puppies to hit the streets won’t be terribly cheap (got to pay for all of that research and design), with any luck, if the concept takes off, eclectic longboards will become an everyday mode of transportation. Commuters worldwide will then be able to enjoy this ingenious Californian idea, which just might revolutionize the way we move about.