Marketing-savvy college football hopeful Ryan Potter of Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, TN decided to condense all of his career highlights into a single video mixtape and post it to YouTube. The result: his own personal supercut of special teams, uh, "glory."

The highlight mixtape illustrates that Potter wasn't exactly Steve Tasker on special teams. He was, however, especially skilled in running down the field on kick-offs, getting blocked, kicking an occasional P.A.T. and making one bone-crunching open-field tackle (1:45) in one game.

It's all in good fun; Potter has taken to Twitter to admit his less-than-special, special teams' play. Perhaps he can serve as his college football team's video specialist, or maybe start for Notre Dame?

You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, post a YouTube video with telestrations of you getting run over by the lemon truck set to a gangster rap soundtrack.