Nike's always been known for pumping out some truly memorable commercials, but we've become used to their stylized productions. That is, until this spot for Nike Free Run jogged onto our TV sets. In it, a guy and a girl vow to run to each other from opposite coasts to meet in Kansas City - the 'Paris of the Plains'. The dude's out of shape, but the girl is a champ. Nike was even coy enough to slip in a couple cameos - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (in NY) and pro skateboarder Theotis Beasley (in CA).

In the comments, another heated debate over Rosie vs. Megan Fox sprung up. Will that every die down? 'Transformers Dark of the Moon' came out last year, let's move on. The OTHER girl grabbing eyeballs was the lithe redhead who reminded us of Courteney Cox meets Julia Roberts meets Jami Gertz. So, who is she (and why the HELL does she want to jump the bones of that out of shape dude)?

It's Stephanie Lynn. The actress, singer & songwriter known as 'Green Mountain Girl' from Vermont was the perfect fit for this role - she "believes in love and the good in everyone". Her TV credits include appearances on NBC's short-lived series 'Perfect Couples' and ABC's 'Castle'. She also played the lead in the movie, 'The Graduates'. You might've seen her in a McDonald's commercial in August 2011, especially if you were watching 'Armageddon' on FX.

If you dig the song, download it here. Ms. Lynn's pipes match her sex appeal.

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