What Olympus Office Party commercial? Ah, yes. So, we should explain. The spot you're about to see hasn't aired yet in most parts of the country, at least, not to our knowledge. However, we stumbled upon this spot from an ad agency in Miami called, "SCPF" on Twitter and we think it's drenched in awesome.

We hope the ad airs and when it does, not only will you know where you saw it first but you'll be 'that guy' who knows the name of the hot mess in the red dress, thus freaking out everyone in the room. What we're doing with this article is called, "getting ahead of the curve", "having vision", and "Nostradamusing", which is like an advanced version of Tebowing or planking.

Nice, right? Reminds us of the final scene in 'The Hangover' only with less hookers, cocaine, and shots of Zach Galifianakis' wang. It captures just how crazy office parties can get - usually around the holidays - and while viewers have tons of questions about what happened, we're just going to focus on the hot girl in the red dress.

It's Stacey Danger. These actresses and their unreal names. First, Amy Perfect, now Stacey Danger. The actress / writer has appeared in a number of theatrical productions - apparently there's a 'That 70s Show' play? - films and TV shows. Now, she's appearing on your computer screen. We wonder how many times a day she gets, "Danger! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!"

See more of Stacey on her Official Site | Twitter | IMDB