Politics got you down? As the election gets down to the wire, we are getting pretty worn out from all the smack talk, too. You know what isn't boring, though? Political sex scandal. Presented for your approval is our list of the 10 hottest political mistresses of all time, some confirmed and some alleged. Either way, these babes earned a place in history for being femme fatales. Their kiss of death? Instant political ruin.

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    Annabelle Battistella, aka %22Fanne Foxe%22

    In 1972, Fanne Fox was a buxom stripper, minding her own business and making a living. By 1974, she was an icon. On Oct. 7, 1974, Foxe was discovered by park police in a car with presidential hopeful and powerful member of the House of Representatives, Wilbur Mills. When discovered, Foxe fled the scene by jumping into the Tidal Basin. What a trooper. The whole thing was widely publicized, and two months later, Mills resigned. Post scandal, she changed her stage name to 'The Argentine Fire Cracker' or 'The Tidal Basin Bombshell.' Hot.

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    Ashley Dupre aka %22Kristen%22

    The infamous call girl mistress of New York Politician Eliot Spitzer (A.K.A "client 9") is currently a sex columnist for the New York Post and a rising star in the music industry. A wire tap in Spitzer's D.C. hotel room busted the two together, leading to Spitzer being booked on federal charges for soliciting prostitution and money laundering. He later resigned, forfeiting his career as a politician in addition to the $4300 that Dupre charged for her services.

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    Jessica Cutler aka %22The Washingtonienne%22

    Cutler became famous in 2004 when she was exposed as the brains behind The Washingtonienne, a blog exposing the sexual exploits of several politicians, and including her own Capitol Hill hijinks. Cutler justified taking money from government officials in exchange for sex by explaining the impossibility of living in Washington, D.C. on a $25K salary. Later in 2004, she was featured in a Playboy spread and interview, and signed a $300K book deal, so we're thinking her money troubles are over.

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    Donna Rice

    Ah, Donna, the infamous Farrah Fawcett look-a-like who took down 1988 Democratic nominee hopeful, Gary Hart. During the primaries, a rumor began to circulate that Hart was having an extra-marital affair. He denied it, inviting reporters to surveil him. Unfortunately, this backfired in less than 24 hours, when photos were published of Donna leaving Hart's D.C. townhouse after what was presumably a spirited session of extra-marital romping. Two days later, this photo appeared, showing Rice and Hart together on Hart's yacht, 'Monkey Business.' Five days later, Hart lost his heart and dropped out of the race.

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    Elizabeth Ray

    1976 Ohio House Representative Wayne Hayes not only had a mistress, but he hired her onto his Congressional office staff. The former chairman of the House Administration Committee eventually resigned when the truth was revealed about the nature of his relationship with his secretary. In an interview, she was later quoted as saying: “I can’t type. I can’t file. I can’t even answer the phone.” Well there must have been something she was good at, right? Or else why would he have hired her? We're confused.

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    Marilyn Monroe

    Come on -- who wouldn't? Though their affair was never confirmed, the alleged relationship between this iconic bombshell and John F. Kennedy is one of the most infamous scandals in American history, even after over 40 years. Monroe's 1962 sultry performance of 'Happy Birthday' to Kennedy in Madison Square Garden is rumored to be the impetus for their affair, and has continued to be a cultural woo-ing mainstay to this day. Even less substantiated than the affair itself is the rumor that Kennedy was somehow involved in Monroe's tragic and untimely death.

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    Blaze Starr

    Blaze Starr was a 1950s burlesque stripper who began dancing at the age of 15. She quickly became infamous for her coke bottle shape (38DD-24-37) and legendary performances, one in which a couch would catch on fire when she sat on it. Blaze was featured in several magazines and some early fetish films before becoming the alleged mistress to Louisiana Governor Earl Long. Their relationship was the basis for the 1989 film 'Blaze,' starring Lolita Davidovich and Paul Newman, and the film featured a cameo of the infamous Starr herself. Blaze has also admitted to having a 'quickie' with JFK in a closet, before he was POTUS. Clearly JFK had excellent taste.

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    Rielle Hunter

    There's really no way to deny an affair when it ends in procreation. Rielle Hunter, former videographer for John Edward's 2008 Democratic primary campaign, is now best known as baby mama to Edward's 3-year-old child. When the affair surfaced via rumors of a sex tape, Edwards' now-deceased wife was sick with cancer, and Edwards' was charged in a Federal grand jury case for misallocated funds, which claimed that he used over $1 million in political donations to conceal the affair. Though Edwards was threatened with up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines, the case was declared a mistrial in May of this year. Shocker.

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    Alina Kabaeva

    Look, we know where your head immediately went. We didn't have to pick this picture, after all. Be careful, though: Alina Kabaeva, the Olympic medal-winner and incredibly flexible gymnast, is the alleged mistress of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, judo master and ex-KGB member. In 2008, after rumors spread that the two had secretly married and had a child, Putin promptly shut down the paper who had reported the story. With that in mind, we would like to state that all of these rumors are outrageous lies, and we <3 vlad.="" please="" don't="" shut="" us="" down,="" or="" murder="" us.="" <="" p="">

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    Anne Boleyn

    An oldie but a goodie, Anne Boleyn and her sister Mary were both mistresses to King Henry VIII. While Mary was known as the prettier one, Anne was the cleverer of the two, reportedly resisting the advances of his Royal Highness until she got what she wanted. She got it: He made her the Queen Consort of England, breaking with Papal authority of the Roman Catholic Church. Charles did eventually marry Anne, but he also had her beheaded for high treason not long after, so we're not sure how smart she really was.