The always outspoken icon Hulk Hogan is a little ticked off at current TNA champion Jeff Hardy. What's got the Hulkster so worked up? 

Hulk Hogan recently spoke to Fighting Spirit Magazine, and when the topic of TNA champ Jeff Hardy came up, Hogan was more than willing to speak his mind about Hardy missing TNA's recent tour of the United Kingdom.

Hogan had this to say:

"Dixie runs the company, but if it was up to me and it had been my decision, Bobby Roode would have been a great champion to have right now. The (UK) tour plus a champion makes sense; a tour with no champion doesn't make sense. [But] I choose my battles; some people look at the picture differently to how I do."

TNA explained Hardy's absence from the tour by saying he was recovering from an injury but reports say it had to do more with Hardy's legal issues and traveling abroad.