Hulk Hogan can slap his name on just about anything and it will attract a crowd. His newest venture, a Hulkster-themed restaurant in Tampa, Florida called Hogan's Beach opened in January of this year. 

The decor at Hogan's Beach is just what you'd expect -- a homage to the career of the orange goblin complete with photos, fake championship belts and movie posters for blockbusters like '3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain' and 'No Holds Barred.' There is even an amazing Virgil impersonator who waits tables..and...I was just told it's actually Virgil so let's change the subject and discuss the most important part of any restaurant - the food.

The crowds have been piling in since it's a tourist destination attached to a popular hotel. The food, however, is Guy Fieri chain restaurant level bad. Here's a quick snippet from a review by Tampa Bay Times food critic Laura Reiley:

"And then there's the food itself. I strongly suspect that a number of dishes are straight off the back of a Sysco truck: Pork pot stickers ($6.90), coconut shrimp ($9.50) and fried calamari ($8.90) were all perfunctory, their sauces clearly not housemade, their presentation bare bones. Far from a 30-item sushi menu, a quartet of rolls includes yawn-worthy California ($6.50) and spicy tuna ($11.90) inexpertly rolled. On my last visit I asked the waiter about the M.I.A. patio menu and he answered vaguely, "I think they're adding pizza and sliders."

Reilly makes mention of other issues with the restaurant including unclean bathrooms, already ripped vinyl seats and a no-show Hogan on all of her visits. Hogan being absent shouldn't surprise anyone, but if we know anything about the Hulkster, the  moment he does arrive he'll demand a match with the head chef and refuse to put over his tuna tacos.