For guys who need to really get going in the morning, coffee is usually the beverage of choice. Laura Maggi of 'Le Cafe', a coffee joint in the Italian town of Bagnolo Mella, has found a better, healthier way to get men's hearts racing. And who steps in to ruin it for everyone? The wives! Who else?

Maggi runs a bar and coffee cafe called 'Le Cafe' in the northern Italian town of Bangolo Mella and after eight years on the job, she suddenly has a wave of clientele going in and out the door. How did she do it? She started wearing some very skimpy outfits behind the bar.

Actually, skimpy doesn't do it justice. Old time radio shows leave more to the imagination than these outfits that include a skin tight string leather top and bottom and a string bikini on those rare occasions. If you're not there for when she's in the skimpiest of her skivvies, she hangs up pictures of herself throughout the place.

The cafe has become so popular that it's got the town's wives in a tizzy. Even the town's mayor, Cristina Almici, has forbidden her husband from ever setting foot in the place, calling the practice "outrageous and should not be allowed."

Mella verbally bitch-slapped the criticism.

"If the guys come here, what can I do? I know I have upset the women but that's not my problem."

Sing it with us.."The best part of waking up... is seeing this Italian barista with D-cups."