Richard, 26, started hooking up with his female boss, 32, about four months ago. They work together at a group home for autistic individuals, an environment that is very home-like and where it’s easy to get attached to co-workers. It started with some text messages, one thing led to another, and pretty soon they were going out for drinks and hooking up. He broke things off with her, but now he’s started seeing another co-worker.

Is he going to get fired?

Dr. Fisch’s advice:

None of you are married, so that’s good. But, everything else in your situation is very, very bad. Everyone should look at this situation as an example of why you don’t get involved with people at work. You do not poop (let’s keep this family-friendly) where you eat, as they say. When you poop where you work, it’s always a bad idea.

You shouldn’t have gotten involved with your boss in the first place, but by hooking up with your new co-worker, who's "younger, very attractive and with whom you have a better chemistry" as you said. You’re throwing gasoline onto a fire. Women get very defensive and very protective of their environment. If I were your boss, I’d fire you. What would you do?

Does your boss still want a relationship with you? She may feel stronger about you than you originally thought. You always need to be careful with women’s emotions and attachments.

Richard, you can’t do stuff like this. You will ruin your career. But, you already did it. So, I’d be a man about it. Does your boss know that your sleeping with your co-worker? Do not tell her. At the workplace, do not show any emotions. Outside of work, do what you want to do. Your career is more important than flings.