Ever wish there was a crash course on how to nab chicks? Rob Hugel is here to help.

'I Hate Being Single' was created by, and stars, New York-based comedian Rob Hugel. The show follows a freshly dumped 20-something as he struggles to find his place in the confusing world of friends, relationships, parties, and dating in Brooklyn. The series features writers and performers from The Upright Citizens Brigade in New York.

In this episode, which is part one of the season finale, Rob is inducted into the 'Lone Sailors,' a secret society that trains men to join the dating elite by teaching them to roll their own cigarettes, carry tattered copies of strategic literature, and say things like "Your eyes are bigger and more beautiful than Zoe Deschanel's." Noted.

You can watch the whole first season on Youtube, and be sure to check their Facebook page for updates on season 2, which is coming soon. Knowing about this series before they inevitably get the success they deserve will earn you major points with...eh, someone.