We know how it is -- no matter how big a city you live in, there comes a point where you recognize all the faces in the bar. Good news: There's a new way to meet new people, and there's little chance of them disappearing, since they can't even leave their cells. 

Meet-an-Inmate.com is a national site where you can find a prison penpal to send letters, postcards, care packages, cakes with shivs baked into them, or anything your lonely heart desires.

Take Kerri Johnson (above) for instance; a Portland native who enjoys  four wheeling, cliff diving, hiking, and anything to do with the outdoors. She outgoing, funny, and adventurous. She also says she's willing to try anything at least once, which might be why she's in jail. Once she gets out, she wants to go back to school, and meet someone who wants to treat her like a princess. Before prison, she worked as a bartender and an exotic dancer.

Until now, we've tried to avoid dating criminals, but we always end up doing it anyway. There's just something sexy about a woman who is willing to hoist herself over the counter at Burger King and bludgeon a cashier with the straw dispenser, when they're rude to us. Guess we're old fashioned around here.