Yankee Candle has a line of candles made specifically for men. We're positive you've all seen them since every man in the world frequents their local card shop and craft store. 

While Yankee Candle is dead-on accurate that dudes ADORE candles, they missed the mark on the preferred scents of the modern man. Offering such waxed treats as "Riding Mower," "First Down" and "Man Town," these feel like the last thing a guy wants to smell like while putting the finishing touches on his creme brulee and waiting for his bath to hit just the right temperature. We've never been to "Man Town" but we imagine it must be a combination of grundle sweat and Burger King french fries.

In an effort to cash in on the obviously monster male candle buying market, we've come up with our own line of Yankee Candle approved scents for men.