The beer gut is one of the most undesirable traits of any two-fisted beer drinker; a huge weight, so to speak, that leaves many brew lovers deep in the trenches of indecision when it comes to choosing whether to get fit or get drunk.

And while many of us often choose the latter of the two, there should be no reason why we have to jeopardize the size of our waistbands simply because of our daily devotion to the sudsy goodness of an ice-cold beer - or twelve.

Jim Galligan, co-founder of the Beer and Whiskey blog, says that there are a few ways to eliminate that beer gut without having to quit drinking beer altogether: only drinking it on the weekends is his first suggestion. “If you refrain from having a couple of beers after work during the week, you’ll knock out around half of the beer calories you consume, all without having to sacrifice the quality of the brews you enjoy when the weekend rolls around,” he said.

For guys who find it difficult to stay away from beer throughout the week, Galligan says that you might want to try knocking back a few glasses of seltzer as a means for mimicking the pleasures of having a beer. That is unless you drink beer for the flavor and the alcohol content – then you’re screwed!

Another option, Galligan offers, is to take a 30-day beer fast in order to reset your consumption patterns and redefine how beer fits into your routine. “January is a good month to go beerless, as there are few must-have seasonal releases hitting the shelves and, outside bowl games and the NFL playoffs,” he says. Sounds like rehab to us - we'll pass, thank you very much.

Well, it appears that getting rid of the gut means eliminating beer from your life in some form or fashion. For that reason, we believe we will just take our chances with it. After all, we might be packing on a few pounds but at least we’re not miserable.