Izabel Goulart has been campaigning like crazy to lay claim to 'Most Dominating Model of 2012'. We've already showed you her pantsless pose for the cover of Harper's Bazaar Espana, now she sheds her upstairs clothing for Italy's Muse Magazine.

This onslaught of hotness is almost too much to take. Honestly, how can she top those back to back mi-rack-ulous shoots? What else does she have in store for us? We still have 8 months left in the year, but we're pretty sure these will be hard to top.

We know what you're thinking, Oh, great. More handbras and armbras. Well, you're wrong, homey. Izabel's not messing around. She proudly shares her breasticles with the world.

Step it up, supermodels. THIS is the new bar of sexcellence.