Fans may see Tomohiro Anraku in the big leagues someday..unless his arm falls off before he gets there. A highly scouted, 16-year-old Saibi (Ehime Prefecture, Japan) High sophomore pitcher, Anraku went 13 innings in a 4-3 win in Japan on Tuesday. While Anraku struck out 13, he also threw 232 pitches. Opposing pitcher Ryota Shimoishi threw 219.

That's nearly 500 pitches by kids who are barely old enough to drive. Somebody call the bullpen, stat! It's not like these kids are Warren Spahn and Juan Marichal in 1963. They should be hanging out on SnapChat, not figuring out how to keep their arm in tact.

While U.S. prep pitchers have innings limits, a high pitch count isn't unusual in Japan. Former Boston Red Sox star Daisuke Matsuzaka had a 250-pitch game in high school. The unfortunate reality is that scouts are noticing how Anraku is being used now, and it may count against him should he ever decide to play in the major leagues.