Hip-hop stars go through high priced luxury cars like it's gold dusted Kleenex. One notorious piece of automotive marvel turned metallic mess is going up for auction.

Superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West took a $350,000 Maybach, the ultra-rare car of choice for hip-hop stars and decadent rappers that will cease production next year, and gutted the bastard. That's not an exaggeration. If this Maybach was a person, these two would be facing a death sentence.

They ripped off the door and the roof, added some of kind 'Mad Max' metallic trim to the bumper and wheel wells and turned the rear-exhaust into a fire-breathing dragon.

If you're a gearhead with a sensitive constitution, don't start throwing up yet. The wrecked ride is being put up for auction to raise money for a good cause, the Save the Children Foundation. It's expected to net around $100,000 in proceeds. That's not a bad deal for a car that's one of 157 in the world and no longer has power locks.