Jessica Simpson is pregnant. We are assuming, not because of her reported baby bump, but because she's been doing some oddball and possibly hormonal things lately. Which, considering some of her goofy behavior in the past, is really saying a lot.

This week, Jess tweeted a picture of her feet hanging from a department store toilet. At first glance, the normal person would wonder "why?" but after further review the real question is "how?" Look at the distance between the feet and cell phone. Obviously much longer than arm's length. Did she set the photo to a timer? Was there someone in the bathroom with Jess to take this photo? And most importantly where the hell are her shoes?!?

With all that we know about Jess -- her love of flatulence/her thoughts on tuna/photos from a public toilet -- it leads us to ask "is her hotness tainted?" Is "Daisy Duke" Jessica long gone, replaced by your dirty, over-sharing "Uncle Lou" Jess? Will guys ever look at Jessica Simpson the same again? Leave your thoughts in the comments.