Joe Buck calling St. Louis Cardinals' games again? Good idea. Joe Buck being "cool" on St. Louis Cardinals' games by providing "different access" to players in the on-deck circle, in the bullpen, on the field etc? Bad idea. Doesn't anyone remember 'Joe Buck Live?'

Buck may broadcast a few Cardinals' games this season on Fox Sports Midwest. Instead of just calling the game, Buck wants to innovate the broadcast by doing play-by-play in a 'looser' fashion and talking to players via field microphones while the game is happening.

"We’d be looking for different access to the on-air product. I think it could be cool. It would kind of loosen the reins a little, make the broadcasts a little more compelling. It would be in the category of ‘something different’ (but) how that takes shape I don’t know," Buck said."

Ugh. Delivering everything he says with an over-the-top broadcaster's voice doesn't make Buck dynamic. Just the opposite. It's not like he's asked such interesting questions on the dry, rushed dugout cam shots that the world is waiting for his insights or his banter with the players. If anything, it might turn out to be ironically funny.

Aside from requiring a longer broadcast delay because of possible four-letter words players might say when Joe Buck is talking to them when they are trying to time a pitcher' motion, field a ground ball or concentrate on a hitter, the broadcasts could set a record for sports cliches and throwaway lines, which are what players resort to when they are having a pointless conversation.

At least it would make for a good drinking game. 'Giving 110 percent?' Drink.