We've all read stories about idiots, er, criminals who update their Facebook pages while on the lam, which is pretty stupid, considering that's a really good way for the authorities to track their whereabouts and, you know, catch them. Internet mogul John McAfee, creator of the antivirus software of the same name, saw his property raided on meth lab suspicions and is a person of interest in the case of a murder of an American ex pat and is on the run. He's actively blogging about his exploits.

How could someone so smart be so… dumb? Maybe he wants to get caught? Or maybe he's just...nuts?

McAfee has posted lengthy, rambling blogs about the situation. Luckily for those that know and love him, he shared this disclaimer:

P.S. No-one at the house, including the staff, know that I am nearby. If the police are reading this, do not randomly round up everyone for harboring a fugitive. Please.

Hey, at least he is considerate of those around him and aware of the fact that the cops are likely following his blog.

He also reveals a bit of paranoia in another post.

Shortly after the raid on my property by 42 soldiers in riot gear looking for a non-existent meth lab, I began a program of observation and recording of everything that happened to me.

The most recent update is here  - which reveals that he has had to change locations, since, well, the police are likely hot on his trail. He might go "dark" for a few days, but there is so much material to sift through you will be entertained for days and until his next posting.

He does offer incredibly detailed updates, which reveal him to be lucid, as well.

I could go on, and will at later point, but I need to tell my story. I will have to tell it in short increments because I have limited and intermittent access to a computer and the Internet. I am on the run, remember. Consider this introduction the first chapter.

Quick question -- is there a computer program to protect us from John McAfee?