Many actors, comedians and even musicians get their first taste of fame on TV commercials. It's easy to maybe land one major commercial, but to get cast in TV spots over and over, well that takes some talent.

Jon Huck is a comedian and actor who has appeared in shows like 'Punk'd' and 'Undateable.' His debut comedy album 'Fantasticular Hilaritation' on New Wave Dynamics is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Jon is probably most well known for starring in some of the most popular commercials of the past few years. Jon has done ads for companies such as Milwaukee’s Best Light, Capital One, Boost Mobile, AT&T, Burger King, Starbucks and ESPN.

Jon sat down with GuySpeed to talk TV ads, infomercials and the best to way to pretend to love a product.

GuySpeed: Commercials tend to cast the "average, typical guy." How does a guy make himself look average?

Jon Huck: They say they are casting the "typical average guy" but what they mean by that is: "weirdo with some sort of facial hair or creepy look". In the commercial world you're either a "Model" aka - attractive or a "Character" aka - a freak who would scare a woman if they saw him walking behind her in the K-Mart parking lot.

Once a guy does a national commercial, do women ever stop hitting on him?

Yes. Immediately.

Is getting an infomercial a big deal? It seems it, since most of them never go away.

I'm not sure. I have never actually gotten an infomercial. I imagine it must be nice for a little while (if you're making money on it)... but after a few months you probably wish it would go away so people on the street stopped asking you if you actually listen to Freedom Rock or if you're just a sell out.

How does a person trick the world into thinking they like a product in a commercial?

I have been fortunate, I have actually liked everything I've done a commercial for (up to this point). My first spot was for Lennox Heating and Air. I love air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. I did a spot for Burger King; I didn't get this body NOT liking Burger King. Same goes for Milwaukee's Best Light. I use credit cards, I talk on phones, I drink Starbucks sometimes...I'm not really tricking anyone...

Is it harder to get a role on a TV show or a commercial for, say, Burger King?

TV Show. Because acting is required. A Burger King spot requires me to look like a burger-eating slob... I can do that with my eyes closed. And actually, when my eyes are closed I look like a bigger slob.

Dumb people often think that the roles people play on TV/movies is how an actor is in real life. Do people ever think you were actually stuck on deserted island or moonlighted as a chainsaw killer named Zipperhead?

Not even one time.

Do people ever come to your shows and say "you're nothing like that guy in Boost Mobile ad?"

I like how you assume that people come to my shows. That's cute.

What do you really want to say when people go "aren't you that guy from..."

I really want to say, "Yes, I AM that guy from...." but usually I'm not and the person thinks I was in Scary Movie II... the guy with the tiny hand.

Jon Hucks' debut comedy album 'Fantasticular Hilaritation' on New Wave Dynamics is now available on iTunes and Amazon. Check out his website here.