As guys, we know it's way more comfortable to go naked than wear clothes. We'd rather just let it all hang out than suffocate our junk, and this is especially true when we hit the gym. The hot and sweaty situation down there is too much to handle most times, which is why we're completely on board with this guy over in New Zealand.

Back in August 2011, Andrew Pointon was accused of "indecent exposure," because some lady complained about his naked jogging tendencies. He was found guilty this time last year, but the nude dude decided to fight the charges. Recently, he won.

Pointon went to court and the judge compared his naked situation to that of two gang members walking in the woods; passersby will probably feel threatened in both situations, although the latter isn't prohibited by law. So the guy was told he's allowed to let his baloney pony swing in the wind while taking a brisk run in the woods, no questions asked.

In response to this awesome outcome, Pointon says he "plans to take advantage of the ruling with a mass nude bike ride scheduled for March." Nothing like a sweaty bare butt being rubbed all over a bike seat to exercise one's freedom of nudity.