With a name like Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, you know things are about get long-winded.

In this nearly 10 minute trailer, Square Enix shows off for the first time the English voice acting for the seventh installment of the Kingdom Hearts series. Nearly everything you’ve come to expect from the franchise is here: spiky haired pubescent boys wielding large keys as swords, new Disney characters, convoluted lines referencing dreams and yet another Utada Hikaru song.

Surprisingly, not a single Final Fantasy character in sight. New Disney franchises added to the Kingdom Hearts universe will include 'Tron: Legacy', 'The Three Musketeers', 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' and 'Pinocchio'.

If you stick with the trailer until the end, you are rewarded with a scene of Mickey Mouse being slammed into a wall! Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance will be out on the 3DS on July 31st.