Many people have the usually irrational fear that, while sitting on the toilet, something will come up from the drain and bite their exposed areas.  Once in a while, though, that irrational fear is justified by a four foot long California Kingsnake popping up to ask "which way to Manhattan and did you have salad for dinner?"

Allen Shepard of Staten Island was faced with such a horrifying reality when he found a rather long, very lost reptilian friend just hanging out in his crapper.  After spraying the snake with Clorox (as if that wasn't ticked off enough after winding up in Staten Island of all places), Shepard called his obviously skeptical building super who eventually brought in a plumber.

After 30 minutes of what had to be one of the most unusual on-site jobs of his entire life (we say "one of" because, remember, it's still in Staten Island), the plumber wrestled the snake free and secured the incredibly ornery intruder into a cooler.  Mr. Shepard even found a neighbor, who shall be henceforth referred to as "Allen's insane neighbor" to bring the snake to an animal sanctuary in Manhattan.

In related news, a major motion picture studio has green lit "Snakes In The Drain" starring Samuel L. Jackson for summer 2013 release.

[Via CBS Local]