Bulldozers are one of the few vehicles that don't need trinkets and gadgets to become more awesome. They already are. However, a Japanese heavy equipment company somehow found a way to break through the dirt digger's natural awesomeness.

Komatsu developed a bulldozer that can sift through the Earth for landmines and destroy them without endangering human life. It does this under the power of a massive 11-liter, 6 cylinder, turbo charged engine that turns an equally massive rotating covered with digging teeth at 200 RPM.

It also has an equally cool name: the D85EX-15 de-miner. It just sounds so cold and unforgiving, the way a destructive robot should be. It's also not as ostentatious as the name we would have given it: the Explod-o-Butt Kicker Mine-Eating Kill-o-Bot 5000.

Of course, its purpose is no laughing matter. This de-miner has been tested throughout Afghanistan, a nation littered with uncollected and active landmines that kill an average of 120 people a year and severly injure or cripple many more. It also been in active rotation in Cambodia where it has deactivated 16 million anti-personnel mines.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more noble and equally awesome piece of technology until science brings us a Gatling gun that safely shoots food at hungry orphans.

[Via Gizmodo]