Athletes and their fans are a superstitious bunch. They wear "good luck" jerseys, sit on the same side of the couch at game time, put their left cleat on first at all times and the list goes on and on. While in the midst of the Final Four of March Madness, Kansas fans have found away to wrest the spotlight away from Kentucky fans, who are so crazy about college hoops that they are engaging in fisticuffs while receiving dialysis treatment.

How did KU fans do it? Through boobs, of course.

The #KUboobs hashtag has gone viral on the web, with both fans of both genders uploading shots of their puffed chests and fun bags. They began doing so after one fan tweeted the suggestion that KU was in need of some good luck boobs. What team isn't!?!

While we are already aware of the many magical powers inherent in boobies, that one fan, who goes by the handle @MommyLovesWine, tweeted a pic of her jugs in a low-cut KU shirt, on Feb. 25. KU came back from 19 points down to beat Missouri, no doubt courtesy of the maternal wine connoisseur's good luck cans.

The fact that her handle is MommyLovesWine is comical in and of itself, but we're not going to mess with whatever juju is present her boobs. She sparked a digital movement and a new @KUBoobs handle, where the best of the boob shots are sent out into the Twitterverse. The photo above is an example of how the KU faithful have boobed, er, banded together to rally the team.

[Via Lost Letterman]