Comedian and game show host Louie Anderson has made a career out of making people laugh, but he's always kept his clothes on while doing so…until now. Anderson recently participated in a taping of the ABC celebrity diving reality competition show 'Splash.' The show trains 10 celebs to jump off a diving board (something most people learn by age 10, by the way).

Nearly fully clothed, Anderson, 59, climbed to the top of a diving platform in Los Angeles earlier this month before throwing himself off and displacing enough water to trigger a tsunami warning. When he got out of the pool, things got worse; he peeled off his shirt.

On a short list of things you should never stare at too long: the sun, another guys' junk at the urinal and Louie Anderson without his shirt on. It's not just that Anderson is basically 400 pounds of human taffy with feet, but nothing else in nature is that shade of white. If the walls in your house were painted the same color as Anderson's back, you'd burn the damn thing to the ground.

'Splash' seems to have a fun premise — even if we're inching closer to a celebrity napping show — but, if it insists on burning the retinas of all of its viewers like this, word is going to get around that it's hazardous to watch the show.