Sex is awesome, and awesome sex is worth remembering. If your partner is a little shy about making a sex tape to document your bang-a-thons, might we suggest another option for coital commemoration?The Love is Art Kit was created by South African artist Jeremy Brown, who has spent the last decade rolling around in paint with naked babes. For a living. Give yourself a minute to get over the seething jealously you feel after reading that sentence. It passes, sort of.

The idea for the kit was born after a friend complimented Brown on one of the paintings in his apartment. Once she learned that the art on his wall was made by the beast with two backs, she requested that he give her everything she would need to make her own plow portrait for her upcoming wedding anniversary. (And the wife-of-the-year award goes to...) He obliged, and then spent the next six months developing a safe, non-toxic kit that he could market to the public, and thus Love is Art was born.

Because we are cheap SOB's, our initial response was: "Man, why would we buy a kit, when we've got a whole basement full of house paint?" Then we read the labels on house paint, and realized that we are idiots. Thank god for you, Jeremy Brown.

 "Art takes patience, dedication, practice, creativity, open mind, and an open does love.  Love is art."  -Jeremy Brown

We hear you yappin', but all we hear is "Yay, boobs with paint on them!"