It only took six months, but PGA golfer Luke Donald finally got his winnings from a tournament in Japan--$80,000 worth of high-grade beef.

In November, Donald won the Dunlop Phoenix tournament in Miyazaki, Japan. For the win, he got the customary trophy and oversized check. But he also won a cow.

Miyazaki is home to a breed of cattle whose meat is similar to Kobe beef. The cattle are fed high-quality grain and beer and are massaged with Sake. The result is a high-grade meat filled with bacon-type fat that will sells for up to $400 a pound in some restaurants. Donald is a bit of a foodie and realized right away what a big deal this was but when he tried to arrange to get the meat back home, that’s when he ran into problems.

First and foremost, “his” cow was still very much alive, making getting the meat a little difficult. Donald brought in a friend who owns an upscale restaurant to help negotiate a deal and, after weeks of back-and-forth negotiation, it was finally agreed that Donald would receive 200 pounds of Miyazaki beef.

However, the process wasn’t done—while a ban on Japanese beef imports was lifted in 2012, there is still a lot of red tape and government bureaucracy involved. With the help of a food importing company, earlier this week Donald received his shipment of flash frozen beef cuts with a retail value of approximately $80,000.

To Donald’s credit, he did the same thing that any self-respecting American male would have done in that situation—he fired up the grill. “It’s very marbled and the knife just eases through the meat,” Donald said. “Definitely the best beef I’ve ever had.”

With or without the A-1.