Magic may be the art of illusion, but there were no tricks or sleight-of-hand involved when a magician's head went up in flames on a Dominican Republic TV show. We're guessing that's not supposed to be part of the act.

Turns out, the magician wasn't really to blame. Instead, 'Approach the Stars' host Franklin Barazarte allegedly poured flammable cologne on the head of American magician Wayne Houchin, causing him to sustain first- and second-degree burns on his face and hands.

Video shows Houchin's head bursting into flames as Barazarte vainly tries to put the fire out with his hands. It's unclear exactly what caused the cologne, which is called "Agua de Florida" and is used in Santeria rituals, to ignite.

Despite the horrific incident, Houchin is recovering in a hospital and is doing well. "The doctors here are cautiously optimistic that I will heal with no scars on my face. Each day I look and feel better. My hand, however, is in a lot of pain and isn't healing as well as my face," he said.

Still, Houchin is quick to point out that Barazarte's actions were reckless and dangerous, and a warrant has since been issued for the host's arrest. "This was not a stunt or part of an act. This was a criminal attack," Houchin said.

Houchin is the star of Discovery's 'Breaking Magic' and, along with his wife, broke the world magic record earlier this year for the fastest upside-down, dual strait-jacket escape. Apparently he hasn't perfected a trick for escaping fire, though.