As long as men and women have had relationships, there have been fights and then the inevitable (and enjoyable) make-up sex. Sometimes it’s really the only reason to start a good fight. It’s a tricky business, but make-up sex is usually pretty great, so why would this guy be saying we shouldn’t have it?

Aside from the fact that he seems to be just plain jealous because we’re all having stinky make-up sex and he’s not, psychologist Dr. Seth Meyers has good reasons for telling people to avoid make-up sex. We think you should take full advantage of ANY opportunity for sex that comes your way, but this labcoat disagrees.

The doctor says that make-up sex rewards bad behavior. He claims that people engage in such post-conflict intimacy because they want to find pleasure in the emotional “high” that comes from making up after an argument, without actually doing the work to get to the (ahem) bottom of the issue. He ignores the fact that they might just want to get after it and worry about the argument crap later.

Just in case you want to deny yourself the energy and passion of a good round of make-up sex, Meyers suggests that the next time you find yourself faced with such an opportunity after a fight, you “sit with those feelings a little longer and make sure you are having sex for the right reason.” Of course, we all know the right reason for having sex is because it's sex. But sure, let's all sit around with our feelings. Sound delightful. We'll make popcorn.

Now, if you tried this but still went ahead with the make-up partner humping, Meyers has this advice, “Should you find yourself in the middle of a sexual encounter and suddenly realize that you feel confused, angry or sad, gently pull back and explain to your partner that you want to stop and try again later.” We actually agree with this, but only because it sounds like that will cause a bigger fight and even better make-up sex after, because now everyone is already halfway revved up.

We aren’t medical professionals, but as far as we’re concerned, if make-up sex is wrong, we don’t want to as wrong as possible in as many different positions as possible.

Popcorn is done.